Jag har MAC. Hur installerar/uppdaterar jag kartan (English version)?

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Här kan du hitta lösningarna på de vanligaste problemen. Uppdateras successivt.

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Jag har MAC. Hur installerar/uppdaterar jag kartan (English version)?

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How to install the very first time the Snow mobile track software using a Mac on a Garmin Montana.

You need the following software installed on your Mac:
• Garmin Basecamp
• Garmin Mapmanager
• Garmin Mapinstall

First preparation steps

1. Request the latest Mac map update from www.kartman.se (Mikael Nordlund). Save the zip file called Snowmobile.gmapi.zip on your Mac, which you need to unzip. Name of the unzipped file: Snowmobile.gmapi, e.g. version 2018.11
2. Have your unlock code ready for the map: XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ-XXXXX-YYYYY (example), which you will have received in a separate email from Mikael.
3. Verify that the identity of the Garmin GPS UnitID: 1234567890 (example), is linked to the unlock code you received.
4. Connect the Garmin to your Mac.


5. Install the Snowmobile.gmapi map by double clicking it. A window (Garmin Mapmanager) will open asking you if you want to install it. Confirm. After successful installation close Garmin Mapmanager.
6. Open Garmin Basecamp and navigate to ‘Maps/Informations to installed Maps’ to verify that the Snowmobile.gmapi map has been loaded into Basecamp.
7. Then navigate to ‘Maps/Edit unlock codes’, which opens a window; then press ‘Add’ and copy and paste the unlock code (if needed) into the field ‘Unlock code’. The field ‘Map Products’ will then automatically populate with the name of the Snowmobile.gmapi map. Confirm and close.
8. Finally open Garmin Mapinstall, select the Snowmobile.gmapi map and press install.
9. Do not disconnect your Garmin Montana when updating. The update process will take less than a minute or so.
10. In your Garmin Montana verify that the map has been loaded and is activated.

Howto Update to a new version, e.g. from 2018.11 to 2018.13

1. Connect your Garmin to your Mac
2. Double click on the updated map, i.e. snowmobile.gmapi (which you have unzipped before)
3. Garmin Mapmanager will open and ask you if you want to install the map. Click ‘Install’.
4. Mapmanager will confirm the successful installation.
5. In Garmin Mapinstall you first need to remove the old version (problem is the same name of the old and updated file, so the Garmin does not see the difference in versions and assumes it has already the latest version) and then you can install the new version of the Snowmobile map (e.g. ‘Skoterledskarta Autorouting 2018.13’) by clicking ‘Send map’ (no need for unlocking, since the software remembers the link to the file name ‘snowmobile.gmapi’. This is the advantage of using the same file name). A window will open asking you to confirm, click ‘Confirm’. Sending takes less than a minute. When completed click ‘End’.
6. Disconnect and restart your Garmin and verify the successful installation.
/Mikael Nordlund - KartMan
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